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Focus series

Imagine the possibilities… connect to every single streaming service. To internet radio. To your TV. Even your turntable. Now you can experience limitless music in audiophile quality, without cables. Instantly.

This is true wireless hi-fi: the features you want, the finish you expect, and the audio performance you deserve.

Focus is packed with future-proof software and wireless connectivity, plus award-winning acoustic technology from our flagship hi-fi and pro studio ranges. It isn’t just a new family of loudspeakers – it’s a refreshing new way to listen to all the music you love.

Imagine listening to something different today.


If it’s available online, Focus will stream it… Think Spotify Connect. Tidal Connect. Apple AirPlay 2. Google Chromecast. Roon. High-quality Bluetooth. And more.

If it’s been released as a recording, Focus will play it… Anything stored on a networked hard-drive. Digital sources via coaxial or optical inputs. Analogue sources via line-in. Want to hook up your turntable or your ancient 8-track machine and take your vintage collection multi-room? Do it.

It will even connect wirelessly to your WiSA-compatible TV for high-quality stereo sound, untethered, and there’s a subwoofer trigger for those of you building a bigger home cinema system.

And the speakers are all you need – no equipment rack, no monolithic stacks of amps, AV receivers and sources. No intricate cable-routing systems that sing a siren song to dust. Just one mains socket each.

Tinkered and tailored

That’s because Focus is a high-end active system. Each individual drive-unit has its own custom-tuned amplifier (the same type we use in our professional studio speakers). Each amplifier is matched in performance for its woofer, midrange driver or tweeter. It means we can dial-in every speaker to a stunning degree of accuracy, so you can dial-in your ears and experience the kind of detail that grabs you by the lapels and makes you drop everything else.

Thanks to sophisticated DSP (digital signal processing), Focus speakers can optimise their performance for their position in your room. Just tell them where they are – near to a wall, in a corner or in free space – and they’ll do the rest. And if you want to dig deeper down the calibration rabbit-hole, there’s optional Dirac Live optimisation for performance tailored to your specific room.

They’ll even auto-compensate their EQ when you apply or remove their magnetic grilles. Our designers actually wrote some special code to make the new signature ‘Y’ shaped LED flash blue to let you know it’s recalibrating. (Leave our team alone for a while and they’re sure to improve on perfection.)

And – of course – all Focus speakers use Dynaudio’s legendary soft-dome tweeters, proprietary MSP (Magnesium Silicate Polymer) woofers, and beautifully finished furniture-grade wooden cabinets. They’ve been designed, tuned, measured, tested and constructed with all the care and fanatical attention to detail we pour into all our high-end speakers. Just as you’d expect.

Everything is set up from the simple, intuitive Dynaudio app. Configure your speakers, connect them to your network, assign presets and more – all from one place. Then you can use either the stylish Bluetooth remote control or your mobile device to control your music.

These speakers are digital – and digital means they can be updated. We’ll send out periodic firmware updates, which download automatically to your speaker (you can choose whether or not you install them, of course). That means we can enable new features, improve tunings as we refine them and much more. You can upgrade your system without even touching it.

We know many of you want to experience true high-end sound without stacks of powered rectangles between your hi-fi speakers. Now you can. Focus is authentic, premium Danish hi-fi without the fuss. It's your complete wireless sound system.


Focus ( tuotetta)



7700 € / pari

Lähetämme tuotteen 1 - 2 arkipäivän kuluessa.

5200 € / pari

Lähetämme tuotteen 1 - 2 arkipäivän kuluessa.

10600 € / pari

Lähetämme tuotteen 1 - 2 arkipäivän kuluessa.